Hullo. I'm Alyssa. No, I am not a chocolate cake. Though, I have pondered (and by ponder, I mean swiftly grab the nearly fleeting thought as I type it out) what it would be like if I were a chocolate cake, and I can't say it'd be the life I'd like to live. Especially if I were this cake. I would last maybe five days, tops.

Here I am (sitting in one of my favorite Mexican restaurants doing what I do best: apparently, reading menus here). 

A little about me: I live by the beach but dislike the Atlantic Ocean water, I enjoy long walks on the beach (even in February!) (Just kidding!), I like ocean breeze but not windy days on the beach in winter, perfectly warm sand (hot sand is just an oh-no-no), and searching for sea glass on aforementioned long walks. I also like to make you believe I love talking about what I like and dislike about living by the beach, when I rarely talk about the beach (though, all of those are true).

Here's a more accurate description about me: I like green tea in many forms, mostly as fried ice cream, but also as lattes, cakes, and as a sweet lemonade. I like collecting books I don't have time to read. I like using too many parentheses (because it adds character) and compounding sentences. I like being surprised when I see that the leaves already changed colors days after I just saw them starting to turn. I enjoy cooking and baking, and that is what brings me here.

Thanks for stopping by, new friend!