CPB (chocolate peanut butter)

Happy 2013!

Some months after the beginning of last year, I made lofty goals to be more active in my blog. I was inspired by all my favorite bloggers' dedication to their craft, passions, and livelihood revolving around food. By the cookbooks I thumb through and bookmark. By tastespotting.com and all the pins from the most easy way to bookmark things I am undoubtedly sometimes too lazy to make. By the color of mangoes, the sweetness of blueberries, the crispness of greens when the season unearths their ripeness. By the thought of cooking, simmering, saucing, and of course, baking.

I'm one year wiser, and now know not to make such promises. Instead, I will make efforts to encapsulate the joy of cooking, because it's not that I didn't cook dozens of new recipes in the last year -- I mean, maple bacon cupcakes? How could I have missed snapping photos of that goodness - I was simply lazy. It's a cruel, stubborn thing that rests in my limbs, keeping fingers from putting my feelings for a certain dish onto the screen. But I'm slowly learning to take control of time management (as if it ever should have been out of my clutch), and refocusing my habits towards ones that make my life, well, better.

This past weekend I made chocolate peanut butter ice cream. With peanut butter cookie dough. The peanut butter level is dense, I'm not going to lie. But it's intensely rich, creamy, and a glass of milk is required, no matter how odd ice cream and milk paired together sounds. It's good. So good. The chilled custard was so thick it looked like chocolate pudding, and my cook's logic revealed to me that I could have very well eaten a heaping bowl of the custard as chocolate peanut butter pudding. Logic still insists that I can just let the ice cream melt a bit to be a cold pudding. And my aversion for too-cold foods might make me run with such an idea.

  chocolate peanut butter ice cream chocolate peanut butter ice cream

If chocolate is baked I can never be tired of it. I think I'll bake brownies and drop in the extra peanut butter cookie dough. If, you know, I don't eat it all first.

The recipe is found on Sweet Pea's Kitchen.

chocolate peanut butter ice cream

See you soon. 

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