I feel like this post needs some sort of prologue before it jumps into the actual food part, just because it's been so long since I've personally written about food. More like, more than a year long. Ouch. Of all things I wanted to keep consistent in my life, keeping up with a blog was one of the biggest. This blog. My namesake. Not really, but part of my name is in part of the blog name. Kind of works.

I'll try to keep it updated! I'm becoming more and more encouraged and inspired by the blogs I read daily, as well as the filtered sunlight and warming days reminding me of how sweet it is to be able to share a passion with others.

Without further ado, let me tell you about tiramisu. It's one of my favorite Italian desserts, juuuust behind gelato (But tiramisu gelato brings it up. Way up), and above cannolis. Chocolate, mascarpone, and coffee is a combination that relies on its blending of heavy flavor with the lightness of cream and soaked lady fingers. Amazing, is what it is. And just like it lends its flavor to gelato, it also lends its ingredients and people-pleasing qualities to cupcakes.

Like this:

How can you resist those wonderful layers of coffee-marsala-soaked butter cake sitting on an unbelievably fluffy bed of mascarpone? Let me tell you, it's impossible. Not the most delicate of desserts, so even if your lady fingers are as dainty as they come (as in, you wear a size 4 ring which I did not even know existed with my size 7 fingers. And I thought they were dainty), you will need to daintily hold a fork and daintily bring it to your mouth. Daintily chewing and making lady like noises of culinary contentment are optional. 

I am not ashamed to admit I eat these with my hands like a product of an uncultured society where learned table manners do not extend past Do Not Get a Majority of Your Food on You or Do Not Burp Without a Proper Response (i.e. giggling). Good thing I eat these alone. But this is such a fun party dessert that it's warranted to be a cupcake eaten in a fine group of people (you might not want me there) where everyone converses over the fantastic quality of the cupcake and how posh it makes you all feel. 

When in fact it just makes you feel really, really glad you decided to eat it. With lady fingers or not. 

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